Skulls Stamped Manicure 

In my last blog posts I shared an ugly watermarble! I am often told there’s no such thing as an ugly watermarble.

Oh you poor deluded creature, yes, there is. I do them frequently. So here is the ugly watermarble of which we speak.

As I’ve said – I like the colours, but tried to get a bit snazzy with the pattern, and it wasn’t entirely successful.

But, like vintage furniture, or things you get off Craigslist – an ugly manicure can be changed completely with a little work, and more paint.

The very worst watermarble can be transformed into a very nice manicure by stamping on top of it. And as this is a colorful watermarble, I chose black to stamp with, and I wanted the images to be colorful, which meant choosing a stamping image that was standing proud on the plate rather than etched into it. I don’t know the correct terminology. Basically, the skulls stand up, and the black stamping polish pools around it somewhat, so you get colourful skulls.

This is stamped with Moonflower Noche Black Stamping Polish, using Sugar Bubbles Plate 036. I like it.

And. As it’s Sunday, you know, the themes and challenges are today. This will last me two days at the most. However, I’m heading out of town on Monday night, or Tuesday morning, so I may not get the chance to change them, and might have to do them tonight, depending on what is chosen in the new themes today.
If it’s something I love, I’ll be keen to change. If it’s something I hate, then I’ll leave this on till Friday when we get back.
Yes, another fishing and camping adventure, this time in Valdez. The Pink Salmon are running. We don’t really eat them, but catch and release is fun too. Sometimes, you Have to eat one, because he can’t be thrown back. Like if his mouth is too damaged from getting the hook out, it’s more humane to just kill him and eat him. Even though he will be dead in a month anyway. They spawn and die. That’s their life.

Have a great Sunday readers!


Watermarble, you swine! 

Watermarble, thine devilish swine! I cannot master thine intricacies.

I’ve done a couple of watermarbles recently, because there’s a girl in my Nail art group who makes it look super easy.

Well it bloody well isnt. I keep saying I’m never doing it again. Then I do it again.

Here are my last couple.

Nice colors, ugly pattern, and weird dark mark on my middle nail, that wasn’t there, when I lifted my Nail out the water.

Then there’s this one.

Nice pattern, but I don’t like the colors, so I stamped on top of it. That lasted 2 days.

Now to choose a stamping image for this latest set.

Those are the only nails I’ve done since returning from Chicago. The Zuck nails were my pinnacle. I can’t beat those.

Oh well. I’ll share these new ones when I stamp them.

Peace out nail art lovers.

Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash – mini review

Hi beauty aficionados,

so in my latest Ipsy bag, Or was it Sephora Play? Hmm never sure what comes in what subbie box anymore, I got a trial sized Skyn Iceland Glacial Facial Wash foaming facial cleanser.

Im a fan of glacial products, because they often have glacial silt in them. Anyway, the active ingredients of this one are as follows;

I have excluded all of the things with the weird names that freak me out, and sound like chemicals. I’ll trust that they make it work better.

Oat Kernel Extract, Willow Bark Extract, Arctic Cloudberry Seed Oil, Arctic Cranberry Seed Oil, Luffa Cylindrica Seed Oil, Thyme Flower/Leaf Extract, Buddleja Davidii Extract, Castor Seed Oil, Angelica Archangelica Root Water, Shea Butter, Laminaria Digitata Powder, and Jojoba Seed Oil.

The travel size is 20 ml, but to buy it is $30 from Ulta for a large 5 ounce tube, so this one really is quite affordable.

It claims to soothe, purify and refresh stressed skin, skin that is congested, depleted and irritated from high octane lifestyles, and deal with bumps, breakouts and irritation caused by stress related increases in hormone levels and oil production. That’s what it reckons anyway.

Ill give my review, on my normal, 51 year old skin. I don’t suffer from any breakouts. It’s not greasy in the T Zone, or dry there either. It sometimes gets a bit tight and itchy on my forehead, from shampoo.

So I tried this baby last night, and loved it so much, I used it again this morning. IMG_2680

The texture is creamy, but not as thick as the Shiseido Foaming Facial Wash, which is like a toothpaste sort of thickness. This is more of a lotion texture. You use a dime sized piece to your palm, and add water. It does not say to lather up in your palms, but I always do, to spread and activate the ingredients.

And so you wash your face and neck with it, and it’s very creamy and foamy. Very much like the Shiseido Foaming Facial Wash in fact, it has a lot of very creamy lather, that expands as you massage. I love that it does that. It feels beautiful on the skin, and has a very silky slippery feel. The scent is not strong, and is a little aquatic. It’s gentle, and does not sting. It’s not abrasive at all.

My skin afterwards looked polished, clean, and shiny. It does not feel tight or stretched. No dryness of the forehead whatsoever. I’d buy this again for sure.

I wasn’t wearing make up, when I used it yesterday and this morning, so I can’t say how effective it is at make up removal, but I don’t buy facial wash to remove make up. I use other products for that.

So anyway, quite impressed with this stuff. I love how clean my face feels.

Have a great day folks

Shiseido Benifiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam – mini review

Seems like ages since I did a review, or a blog at all for that matter. Forgive me, I’ve been busy implementing all the changes and new tools for Groups that we learned about in Chicago. Introducing some new Nail Art Themes and Challenges, checking all the links in our files – a lot of them didn’t work any more. So I’ve not been blogging.

So today I’m going to discuss Shiseido Benifiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam. 4.4 oz (125ml) for $36.00 from Sephora, Nordstrom. and other places. I got mine from “And other places” ie Costco, that ubiquitous purveyor of an occasional weird branded bargain, had it for $19.99. So I leaped on it like an oversexed Salmon. I thought “hell yeah, I’ve seen the line of dewy faced eastern ladies at the Shiseido counter in Uwajimayas in Seattle”

Mainly I bought it because I had just purchased this little device called a “Foreo Play!” which is a little battery operated vibrating silicon rubber facial cleanser, and it has little mini rubber finger things, that you massage around on your face to foam up your product. If I’m honest, I was intrigued to see if I could literally “Play” with it, but actually, it’s not much good for that. Ok, I digressed. I always do. I wanted a foaming cleanser to use with this mini Cleansing device, it just so happened, that Costco had it a the right price at the right time, and had I known how damn good this stuff is, I’d have bought two or three.

And of course every beauty product in Costco, comes in a thick, hard plastic, blister pack, and you need a good strong set of scissors to get into those demon-spawned inventions. Impossible I tell you. Your product sits there, safely nestled in the middle. Smugly, taunting you, with its very unobtainableness. The Holy Grail, in it’s clear, toughened, plastic shell, sits jeering at you “Thou shalt not have mine ambrosia upon your rough and weatherbeaten countenance” but nevertheless, after much manouvering with vicious scissors, I got it out.

After reading the instructions (yes, sometimes I do) it informs me to squeeze a 2cm piece of the thick cream, onto my palm, and add water, and lather it up. Now let me explain that I was dubious regarding the claims of it being Extra Creamy. It is not a claim. It most assuredly IS EXTRA CREAMY. Thus far, the creamiest cleanser I’d used. It tells you to avoid the delicate eye area. I do not avoid it. I wash my make up off with it. I’m all kinds of rebel. I do have red hair. Whilst it stings a tad, but definitely not as bad as getting soap in your eyes,  it’s not super painful, so I just wash my whole face and neck, with zero care about where it goes. I can’t say that I notice a strong smell of anything. I’m not saying it’s not scented, I’m saying I haven’t noticed.

And it just seems to get creamier while you’re massaging it on your skin. I used to be a great soap and water girl. Only it made my face tight, and dry. This does no such thing. My skin feels amazing. Hydrated, silky, smooth and clean, and no tightness whatsoever. A couple of times a week, after I’ve applied it, I put a little Dr. Brandt’s Age Defying Exfoliant on top, and add that into the mix. I love the zinginess of that stuff. If I haven’t reviewed it already, it is coming.

Every single time I Skype my mother, she keeps asking me why does my skin look so good, and what am I using. Although she’s talking to me over the internet, 7000 miles away. But however it looks, it definitely feels great.

The amount you need to use, makes it such a great choice, 2cm is really more than you need in my opinion. A pea sized blob does the job fine. It’s a thick cream, so you do get a great deal of creamy, foamy lather. I love the stuff, and I will definitely repurchase this, even at the full price, when I run out.

Most of the time now, I don’t wear foundation, primer, powder, or anything that would cover up my skin. Just blusher and highlighter. I don’t believe there’s any flaws or any need to wear it. I’m not an Instagram make up girl, but my skin looks and feels just fine, without foundation and powders.

So if you’ve been in the fence about this gaming cleanser, for fear of dryness or tightness, I say go for it!

Happy 4th of July!

Chicago, Zuck, and “That Manicure”

Well, as promised here is a more detailed post regarding our visit to Chicago, courtesy of Facebook. Now, way back in April, Admins of Facebook Groups were offered the opportunity to apply to go to the Summit – a link appeared on Administrator’s timelines. I read the comments that were appearing on the post, and a lot of the people thought it seemed too good to be true.

It was vague, but it did appeal to the greedy pig in me. FREE FOOD, in a FREE HOTEL ROOM! Courtesy of Facebook. There were so many negative comments on the post, and I admit, I did have my reservations. But I am an impulsive creature, and I often say to myself “Well behaved women, rarely make history” so for the sake of the free food, and hotel room, and a trip to Chicago, where I had not yet visited, I thought it was worth at least trying.

So I filled out a fairly extensive application form, and at this stage, I really wasn’t even certain, that it wasn’t some prank, not even a real Facebook link. A couple of weeks later, I received an email from Facebook, asking me if I could be available for a conference call with Facebook employees. I replied and we arranged a mutually satisfactory time. The day that I called in for my conference call was rather amusing, as they didn’t know who I was – basically, they are on California time zone, and I was calling in Alaska time. So I had to rearrange another conference call, and I’m very grateful they gave me a second opportunity. As I was heading to Palm Springs the following day, we arranged the call for 2 days later. And i remember lounging around in 90 degree heat, lying on the grass, passionately expounding about my Nail Art Group to possible Facebook employees. I still had no clue whether or not they were real Facebook people, but sometimes you just take a chance. They thanked me and said that if I was successful, I would get an invite via email, in early May.

Well guys, early May came and went. And being a Group about nail polish, and all things nail related, I figured that we had been unsuccessful, because there are many many worthier, and more meaningful groups on Facebook. So I just forgot about it, and got on with day to day life.

But then, on May 21st, I got THE EMAIL saying congratulations, you have been invited to the first ever Facebook Communities Summit. And as I received it on 21st May, I had exactly one month to plan and prepare. We were told that we could take up to 2 of our Co-Admins with us, but none of mine were able to attend. Facebook said, that’s fine, bring 2 of your members with you, if you’d like. Finding 2 members was also equally difficult. You’d think I was offering them a trip to the dentist for teeth extractions without anesthetic. It was that difficult. A couple weren’t able to get time off work, a couple said they could not leave their kids. However I took Carol, a friend who also lives in Alaska, and Dawn, a lady who used to be my most trusted Admin.

We had to purchase our own airfare, but everything else was covered by Facebook. Details about the event gradually emerged over the course of the month, before we were due to set off. Facebook created a special Group called Facebook Summit Attendees, and we bounced rumours around amongst ourselves. We got to know each other quite well in the Group, before ever setting foot in Chicago, and I shared a picture of my Facebook manicure I did for the event in there, the night before we travelled. We knew there would be workshops and speakers. We knew there would be evening celebratory events. My friend from Alaska, and myself decided to stay an extra couple of days, so we booked our flights, and got another hotel room. A few nights before we were due to leave, we discovered that Mark Zuckerberg himself was to be the first Keynote Speaker, kicking off the event. This raised our excitement levels, and as I had been working on the Zuck mani for almost two weeks, I was hopeful he would get to see them. We found out that they were accommodating us in THE CHICAGO HILTON. Very nice indeed, not too shabby, but there were no rooms to be had after the event, so we booked another hotel for our final 2 days. Here is a taste of the Chicago Hilton, on the 2nd floor, where we had to collect our badges. Collecting the badges took quite some time, because the Facebook Staff saw my nails, and were very enthusiastic, they’d known about them from my post in the Attendees Group.

We also got goody bags, which had some lovely items in them, a leather bound journal, a pen with a stylus tip, a lavender buckwheat eye mask, a bag of banana chocolate snacks, and a card detailing our Group stats.

After badge collection, we could go rest in our rooms, and I didn’t think I’d be able to sleep, however, according to Dawn, my member from Florida, who arrived a little later than us Alaskans, she was hammering on my door, shouting “Police, open up!” Yet I never budged, cos I didn’t hear a thing! I set an alarm for 3.30 in case I fell asleep, and I got up, thinking I’d not even fell asleep, but I called Dawn. And she came down to my room, and told me she had already been banging on my door. Anyway, I called Carol my Alaskan friend, and had her come down, so they could meet each other. It was amazing meeting someone who was such a big part of the Group, in person, rather than just talking to her on Messenger. Carol, from Alaska, I know her pretty well. We chatted for a while, and then I got ready for the evening shenanigans. Remember they had not told us where any of the evening events were being held,

Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the first evenings venue, but it was a large space, with food stations around the periphery of the room, and open space and tables in the middle. Shuttles were provided, and they took us to the event, we were all given a punch card, and told to get 6 punch holes for a surprise at the end. You took your card to each station, sampled their wares, in a manageable sized portion, and they punched your card. First, we had Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, of course we did. Then sliders, poke, tacos, avocado toast, bruschetta. There was a lot more to eat, gelato, and a chocolate bar. A regular bar, and a cocktail bar. Yes, there was free alcohol. And by the bar, artists were having the Groups fill out little cards with our Group details, so they could paint a logo, on canvas, to take back to their HQ with them. Here’s ours.

But I don’t drink. It was awesome, and we met some other Groups at the event, for the first time, although having the Summit Attendees Group, it was more a matter of recognizing them from their profile pictures. People knew me by my nails, and SO VERY MANY people kept shouting at us, “you’re the Nail Girls!!” I honestly did feel like a celebrity, and that everyone already knew us, and I cannot even count how many people wanted photos of our nails. We mingled, we schmoozed, we posed, we danced, and we collected our treat on the way back to the shuttles. It was three cookies in a box. Like I had room for more food! These are Carol’s nails that I did for the event.

The second day, after about two hours sleep, we needed to be up nice and early, as we had to be gussied up for the evening event – we would not be returning to the hotel after the daily events. Facebook had provided us with tickets for two free breakfasts at the Hilton, either at the buffet, or the little store, where you could spend 23 dollars on sandwiches, coffee, yoghurts or snacks. I opted for the buffet, and I’m so glad I did. Take a look. These are both my plates, and I couldn’t physically cram any more in. Dim sum for breakfast? Why yes, I don’t mind if I do! Orange juice, coffee, pastries, toast, bagels, muffins, fruit, waffles. Literally the nicest breakfast buffet I’ve been at.

I felt highly unwell afterwards, almost vomity.

So we headed to the shuttles, and got on our bus, and we’re driven to the secret location of the Event Venue. There were security guards, they searched our bags, we had to remove our metal items, and go through an extremely sensitive scanner, before being allowed inside. We were lined up, waiting to go into the Circle room (all the different rooms had shape names) but the Keynote Speech was to be in the biggest, the Circle Room. One of the Facebook Staff started shouting “Wendy, Wendy, come here!” So I go to see what’s up, and he is standing with a photographer, who claims he’s been looking for me all morning, and can he take pictures of my nails. So he takes me to a quiet part of the building, and awkwardly poses my hand for what seems like half an hour, and he tells me that Mark loves my nails! I was a little shocked he had even seen them to be honest. Anyway, this is his photograph, which Mark Zuckerberg reposted all over his own social networks, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He didn’t mention me by name, nor did I get to meet him, which I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed about. Here’s his reposted picture and my original watermarked version.

Now I can’t compłain, íts exciting to say the least. And his Keynote speech was excellent, it detailed his new mission for Facebook,  which is to bring the world closer together, and new tools for Groups, to help us grow and, manage our members easier. Already, the Groups that attended, and there were 120 Groups in attendance, have got these new tools, other Groups will see them soon. He was down to earth, not stuck up, and he did not talk down to us, I mean, we were hand selected Admins, the best of the best. Power Admins, what Facebook considers, the elite. I’m happy to wear that badge and do my utmost to earn it, and live up to it. There are millions of Groups on Facebook, and I don’t know how many of those applied to attend. But I still feel special nonetheless.

Lunch was provided after the first two Keynote Speakers, but I was physically, still very unwell, and I only ate a micro Thai salad. Everything else made me want to hurl just looking at it. Tables were set up around the periphery, and in the center, with the most delicious looking food, but I had zero appetite whatsoever. There were also tables with just snacks and drinks, coffee stations, latte stations, candy, popcorn, and fridges full of cold drinks. As much as you liked. I stuffed my bag full of them. My stomach literally hurt, so I knew I needed no more food till dinner time. In fact I scarfed a couple of Pepto Bismol pills down my neck. Such was my discomfort.

The afternoon was devoted to Workshops. Seminar type events. Basically, we sat with people who were NOT from our own Groups. This had caused a huge amount of concern, fear and anxiety amongst some attendees, and it’s rumored that some did not come because of this. It was only announced two days before we were due to attend the Summit, and caused several backbiting threads, that went quite mean. As I was unable to find at least two of the more anxious people who had expressed concern about this development, and I know of those, one definitely did not attend, it’s my belief that it was just too much for them. I went out of my way to befriend some of those who had attended alone, because some Groups have no Co-Admins, and I felt that it would be kind to include them in our bunch. I’d like to think someone would have done the same for me, if I’d attended by myself. Because some people were very cliquey, not very welcoming, and I even encountered a girl just turn her back on me outright when I went over to introduce myself. Rude bitch.

The workshops were hard. It was a lot of information on the new tools, and ways to increase activity in the Groups, deal with conflict, engage your community, grow your membership, rewrite Guidelines. All very useful stuff, and I did learn a lot from it, am already implementing changes in my Group. But four solid hours, sitting on hard chairs without a break – I did find it hard going. And immediately afterwards, without a break, we had to go to the shuttles for the evening Mystery event.

So off we went to THE ADLER PLANETARIUM for dinner and dancing. Immediately at the entrance was a photo booth for us to take pictures with our Groups. That was fun. A cocktail reception was served on the terrace before dinner proper. Lots of canapés and cocktails for those who drank. I had ginger ale. Here’s a few pics. I was able to eat a few canapés by this point. My stomach was ready for a bucket of food.

And we went in for dinner. Here is the menu.

So yes, I don’t mind this at all. Sounds delicious. Here is the table setting.

Each napkin had a different flower or mini bouquet of flowers. The bread basket was freshly baked, and you could tell, not store bought. Here are the appetizer salads.

And that was really good. The entree proved less popular, because my two members and the girl I invited to sit with us, did not like fish. I was like “But it’s SEA BASS!!” But they just curled their lip. I ate all of mine anyway.

And then dessert, which I’m not really much of a dessert person, but I couldn’t believe they served us Alaskans, A Baked Alaska of all things. How deliciously 70’s throwback. You never hear of it anymore. Anyway, it was very good. The whole thing was good, and I was feeling uncomfortably full again,

Following dinner, they brought out coffee. And then there was an after party, in a domed room that had a glinting roof of stars, and great old school hip hop, with the ubiquitous free bar, of course no alcohol for me, but naturally, I’m the first one dancing in the middle of the floor. Almost the oldest one there too, however, Dawn and Carol were exhausted and I managed to dance to three songs before we headed back to the hotel.

And again, very little sleep. I was finding it an overwhelming experience, and quite hard work actually. The second day, we had arranged to meet at 7 for breakfast, as the shuttles were going to the venue at 8. No sign of Dawn, and I tried to contact her three times before eventually giving up. We had to leave our suitcase in storage at the hotel, for later pick up. And off we went in the shuttles without Dawn, and not able to contact her. There was another Keynote Speaker, and then a Workshop before lunch. Lunch, yum. Lou Malnati’s Chicago Deep Dish had been recommended to us before we went, and Facebook did not disappoint, and served us with huge piles of personal pizzas, in boxes. Little finger sandwiches in boats, and salads, also in little bamboo boats. The usual menagerie of snack tables, and drink options, as well as a lady standing handing out tubs of Gelato. Amazing food I have to say. Kudos on the catering.

At about 11am I get a message off Dawn, saying Fuck. She had only just woken, after being in pain all night with her back. That’s what happens when you try to dance with the big girls, and you’ve got a bad back. Anyway, they told her to just stay at the hotel for the rest of the day. We completed our final three workshops, filled out a survey, and collected our T Shirts. There was a wrap party afterward for those who wanted to linger, but we had a date!

One of my friends from Alaska had sent me a message the night before saying he was in Chicago (his home town) and did we want to go for dinner and a meeting. Did I? Well I surely needed one, after the previous three days. So he took us out for Indian at Gaylord, on E. Walton. Utterly divine, I love Indian food. And then to Bagpipers Meeting, which was awesome, then we stopped so they could have gelato on the way back to the hotel. I don’t like cold food, not ice cream, not gelato. None of that for me thanks, I’ll have the fried dough, and they brought out a huge tray of it. Lord have mercy on my distended and sore abdomen.

The next day, we went shopping on the Magnificent Mile, and Carol spent rather too many dollars in Neiman Marcus, (I was going to be specific, but she might read it and be angry with me) on perfume and eye products, I was a little more reserved. She immediately got scared and sent her husband a text lol. You only live once right? I bought hubster a big bag of mixed candy from Dylan’s Candy Store, and was amazed by how they have different rocks embedded in the wall outside.

We went for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, and pigged out yet again. Later we went on an Architectural Cruise down the river.  That was actually much better than I anticipated, he really knew his subject, all the architects, and seemed passionate about the buildings, and styles. I’ve included some here, so if you’re not into architecture, you can skip them, I won’t judge.

Whilst we cruising down the river, we saw that were waterside walks, and places to eat, which we hadn’t really been aware of. And when we decided to walk back to our hotel, using Google Maps, it did actually take us on this riverside walk, which was so pretty, so we stopped and ate at Chicago Burger Company, right on the river front, in the evening sunshine. It took forever to get served, despite asking several times, but we got there in the end. Carol opted for the Chicago Dog, with sport peppers, celery salt, on a poppy seed bun.

I went with the CBC Special Combo, everything on. It was outstanding. We shared the fries.

And following that, we thought a casual 20 minute saunter back to the hotel was in order. I desperately hoped that my 15% battery on my phone would get us there. It was dark by then, all the streets were very lit up and pretty, and the worst thing that happened, if you can call it that, was that some young dancing black guys tried to sell us their CD, asking if “You queens wanna listen to some beats?” Having been warned not to wear the wrong colors in Chicago, I had been apprehensive about walking around at night, but I did not feel at all unsafe. I loved Chicago. I loved the Facebook Communities Summit, I wish to return forthwith for more Chicago-ness.

I hope I can go again sometime, and especially, maybe attend the next Summit.

I also made the news with my nails, despite having to send them a correction. So here is the Huffington Post article, featuring my manicure. But you saw it first here my friends.

Mark Zuckerberg reposted my nails!!!

I did not get to meet him, nor was I given credit for the manicure – but still, the nails were very popular, with the Summit Attendeees, and Mr. Zuckerberg himself, who resisted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

And now they are in Yahoo News. I’ve attempted to get credit on these forums, but so far, no new Instagram follows, or other recognition. 

Never mind, I didn’t do the nails to get fame, I did them because I can, because it was a unique way to commemorate a historic event – the first ever Facebook Communities Summit. And it was an amazing event. 

I’ll post properly about it, with photos, when we get home from Chicago, I’m still on an adrenaline high right now. 

Peace out friends. 

Facebook Communities Summit Nail Art –  Hand Painted Decals. 

This one took me a while – I’ve been painting the decals off and on for just under two weeks, when I had an hour here or an hour there. I did them on a Ziploc Baggie, with acrylic paint.

And I did a light to darker blue ombré last night, so that it would be fully dry, before I attempted to apply the decals. Here is the blue ombré.

And here is the finished Nail Art.

I am very happy with them. I am excited to have been selected from a large bunch of applicants, and felt I should make a real effort to go above and beyond my usual stamping, and stuff. It’s the first ever event of this nature, I wanted to make my nail art a big deal, and I’m happy with how it turned out.

We fly tomorrow night.

I am stoked, I have butterflies, my butterflies have butterflies.

Chicago here we come!

Turquoise Nail Art! 

I thought I’d like to try doing a waterspotted turquoise manicure, hoping to resemble the actual gemstone. There were so many pictures online, I was hard-pressed choosing my inspo pic, but the one I chose had almost bronze striations. So I chose a brown holo polish for my topper.

Obviously, it’s nearly time to apply my Facebook Communities Summit decals, but I definitely thought I had time for another quick one, out of this week’s challenges. We can submit 2 entries per week, for each theme. So I’ve now done 2 for rocks, gems, and crystals.

Turquoise Nail Art. 

This is a very easy technique. It goes by various names, such as waterspotted nails, or hairspray nails.

The colors I used for this were Julep Dianna, for the base and Squarehue Pompidou for the striation.

Basically, you base coat your nails, two coats of base color, i.e. Turquoise, and a fast drying top coat. As you know, my go to is Seche Vite. Now would be a good time to apply some liquid latex, or other method to protect cuticles and sidewalls from polish, to minimize clean-up.

Take a cup of water, and for this technique, I don’t use any special kind of water, I used tap water. Make sure the polish you choose will spread. Drop a few drops on the water surface, and from a distance of about 8-10 inches, spray lightly with hairspray, or other alcohol-based solvent. You will see dots appear in the polish. The dots will spread nicely if you jiggle your cup around. Dip your nail, or nails, if you see enough of an area to dip 2 nails.

There are so many variations and uses for this technique. It is a useful technique to master, because if you use several colours, on your water surface, one following another, you end up with a beautiful marbled base. And after enjoying a day of pretty marbled base, you can upcyle it, and stamp on top of it.

To demonstrate this technique, here’s a video from The Crafty Ninja. she uses hand sanitizer instead of hairspray, and different colored polishes than I did, but the method is exactly the same.

So there you go guys.

Happy Nail Arting, Happy Sunday, Happy Father’s Day to the Dads, and I’m off out to lunch!

Malachite Manicure.

So again, absent from posting, due to camping activities. No fishing this time. We were in Denali Village, situated within Denali National Park – and hub of all things Denali Mountain related.

Denali is the largest peak in North America, at 20,320 feet. And if I am honest, its better seeing it from far off, where you can appreciate quite how big it is. Close up, you don’t see that.

They are very restrictive about going into the Mountain Park itself, and no personal vehicles are allowed, (there is an exception to this this rule – see below) you must go up in a repurposed School Bus, and it takes 8 hours. 8 hours of no bathroom. No thanks.


However, they operate a Lottery, with 1600 winners each year, and from May 1-May 31st you may purchase a Lottery Ticket, stating which is your preferred date, out of September 15th, 17th, 18th, and 19th. Tickets are $15, and you must also still pay Park Entrance fee of $25. The Winners can then drive their own vehicle on their chosen day, for as much of the Park as the weather permits. In mild weather years, they may be able to  drive all 92 miles of the gravelly road, but if it’s severe weather, they may only get to Savage River at mile 15.

My friend got to go last year, as her friend won the lottery. She said it was beautiful. I prefer to view it from further away. Mt. Denali, or Mt. McKinley, as it was formerly known is wonderful when viewed on a clear day, and there are lots of viewpoints along the route where you can see the magnificence.


Anyway, we weren’t in Denali Village for any mountain viewing activities – I just like Denali Village boardwalk, the cute little stores, and people watching.

I had made some Nail Decals on a plastic lid, and I didn’t want them getting too dried, so I took them with us. And applied them on top of my color choice of the week, which was this pretty yellow orange sparkly affair.

Squarehue – Ling.


Now, loves, I do like orange, but I am not a big fan of shimmer, and then shimmer with some random glitter thrown into it. Not really my jive. This took three coats, and I think it could even have done with one more. I disliked the fact that the glitter made it look as though it was not really smooth, even though it was. I actually couldn’t wait to get it covered over. The two colour choices for Color Challenge this week were Royal Blue Creme, or Orange Shimmer. I’m definitely not going to do Royal Blue, as I’m saving it for next week, when I’ll be applying my Facebook Communities Summit manicure, which will be worn over the course of the summit next week.

So for the Weekly Theme this week, Gems and Crystals was chosen, and I grumped around quite angrily about it, as I don’t think I’m very creative. I spent a significant amount of time googling naturals gems and minerals, and came upon this. Malachite.

IMG_2513And I thought I might be able to sort of do that, with a technique that I’ve seen, called drip-drop blobbicure. So here is my malachite manicure, done via the drip drop blobbicure method.

IMG_2531A drip drop blobbicure is done on a plastic lid. Preferably largish, I used a paint carton lid. You paint a thick layer of base colour – in this instance dark green, and then apply a contrasting colour in dots, I used a light green, and put dots of it. They run into each other, but leave a demarcation line, as you can see. You need to work quite quickly, so the Polish is till runny while you’re working with it. After I did the light dots, I applied a dark green dot into the center of each light green dot, and so on. Till I felt I had enough rings.

By this point it’s quite a lot of polish, it needs time to sit. So I left it overnight. We decided to go camping the next day, even though my decals were by no means dry enough to peel off the lid. I say decals, it was two large ones, one for each hand. But I also knew it would have gotten too dry by the time we got home. So I took the lid with me, as well as top coat, my clean up brush and acetone, and scissors to cut out the decals.

All through the trip, I kept trying to see whether I could peel it off yet. If it stays stuck down, it’s not yet ready. If it cracks – it’s been left too long. It should stay flexible for a good period of time though. Anyway, I peeled them off, cut them to shape, and applied them that night, using a very sharp knife to carefully tuck them down into the side walls and trim them. Not recommended if you are heavy handed. You can do the same with your clean up brush and acetone. It dissolves the excess, just as well.

Anyway, if you like how it came out, here is a video from Colette, of My Simple Little Pleasures demonstrating it perfectly. I wanted mine to be more imperfect, and less circular. As I was aiming to make it look like a gemstone.

Patriotic Drip Drop Blobbicure by Colette, of My Simple Little Pleasures. 


I also did this technique once before for a 60’s themed Challenge in pinks and white. It was very bold, and I loved it. I usually hate pink, but I love how this one came out.


So that’s been my last few days. As well as working on my decals on baggies for Facebook Communities Summit, for myself and my non-nail friend. I’m super excited about it, we fly on Tuesday night, arrive in Chicago Wednesday morning, and Mark Zuckerberg is kicking off the event, he is a Keynote Speaker. The media will be covering the event, so it may well be on tv, or in the news. Excited doesn’t begin to cover my emotions. We’ve been told where our hotel is, but they are not disclosing the Event Venue, possibly for fear of being descended upon, by uninvited guests, both media and non-media, who knows.

And you’ll see my nails soon, that I created, as I’m going to apply them on Monday night.

Have a great evening guys!