Turquoise Nail Art! 

I thought I’d like to try doing a waterspotted turquoise manicure, hoping to resemble the actual gemstone. There were so many pictures online, I was hard-pressed choosing my inspo pic, but the one I chose had almost bronze striations. So I chose a brown holo polish for my topper.

Obviously, it’s nearly time to apply my Facebook Communities Summit decals, but I definitely thought I had time for another quick one, out of this week’s challenges. We can submit 2 entries per week, for each theme. So I’ve now done 2 for rocks, gems, and crystals.

Turquoise Nail Art. 

This is a very easy technique. It goes by various names, such as waterspotted nails, or hairspray nails.

The colors I used for this were Julep Dianna, for the base and Squarehue Pompidou for the striation.

Basically, you base coat your nails, two coats of base color, i.e. Turquoise, and a fast drying top coat. As you know, my go to is Seche Vite. Now would be a good time to apply some liquid latex, or other method to protect cuticles and sidewalls from polish, to minimize clean-up.

Take a cup of water, and for this technique, I don’t use any special kind of water, I used tap water. Make sure the polish you choose will spread. Drop a few drops on the water surface, and from a distance of about 8-10 inches, spray lightly with hairspray, or other alcohol-based solvent. You will see dots appear in the polish. The dots will spread nicely if you jiggle your cup around. Dip your nail, or nails, if you see enough of an area to dip 2 nails.

There are so many variations and uses for this technique. It is a useful technique to master, because if you use several colours, on your water surface, one following another, you end up with a beautiful marbled base. And after enjoying a day of pretty marbled base, you can upcyle it, and stamp on top of it.

To demonstrate this technique, here’s a video from The Crafty Ninja. she uses hand sanitizer instead of hairspray, and different colored polishes than I did, but the method is exactly the same.

So there you go guys.

Happy Nail Arting, Happy Sunday, Happy Father’s Day to the Dads, and I’m off out to lunch!


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