Shiseido Benifiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam – mini review

Seems like ages since I did a review, or a blog at all for that matter. Forgive me, I’ve been busy implementing all the changes and new tools for Groups that we learned about in Chicago. Introducing some new Nail Art Themes and Challenges, checking all the links in our files – a lot of them didn’t work any more. So I’ve not been blogging.

So today I’m going to discuss Shiseido Benifiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam. 4.4 oz (125ml) for $36.00 from Sephora, Nordstrom. and other places. I got mine from “And other places” ie Costco, that ubiquitous purveyor of an occasional weird branded bargain, had it for $19.99. So I leaped on it like an oversexed Salmon. I thought “hell yeah, I’ve seen the line of dewy faced eastern ladies at the Shiseido counter in Uwajimayas in Seattle”

Mainly I bought it because I had just purchased this little device called a “Foreo Play!” which is a little battery operated vibrating silicon rubber facial cleanser, and it has little mini rubber finger things, that you massage around on your face to foam up your product. If I’m honest, I was intrigued to see if I could literally “Play” with it, but actually, it’s not much good for that. Ok, I digressed. I always do. I wanted a foaming cleanser to use with this mini Cleansing device, it just so happened, that Costco had it a the right price at the right time, and had I known how damn good this stuff is, I’d have bought two or three.

And of course every beauty product in Costco, comes in a thick, hard plastic, blister pack, and you need a good strong set of scissors to get into those demon-spawned inventions. Impossible I tell you. Your product sits there, safely nestled in the middle. Smugly, taunting you, with its very unobtainableness. The Holy Grail, in it’s clear, toughened, plastic shell, sits jeering at you “Thou shalt not have mine ambrosia upon your rough and weatherbeaten countenance” but nevertheless, after much manouvering with vicious scissors, I got it out.

After reading the instructions (yes, sometimes I do) it informs me to squeeze a 2cm piece of the thick cream, onto my palm, and add water, and lather it up. Now let me explain that I was dubious regarding the claims of it being Extra Creamy. It is not a claim. It most assuredly IS EXTRA CREAMY. Thus far, the creamiest cleanser I’d used. It tells you to avoid the delicate eye area. I do not avoid it. I wash my make up off with it. I’m all kinds of rebel. I do have red hair. Whilst it stings a tad, but definitely not as bad as getting soap in your eyes,  it’s not super painful, so I just wash my whole face and neck, with zero care about where it goes. I can’t say that I notice a strong smell of anything. I’m not saying it’s not scented, I’m saying I haven’t noticed.

And it just seems to get creamier while you’re massaging it on your skin. I used to be a great soap and water girl. Only it made my face tight, and dry. This does no such thing. My skin feels amazing. Hydrated, silky, smooth and clean, and no tightness whatsoever. A couple of times a week, after I’ve applied it, I put a little Dr. Brandt’s Age Defying Exfoliant on top, and add that into the mix. I love the zinginess of that stuff. If I haven’t reviewed it already, it is coming.

Every single time I Skype my mother, she keeps asking me why does my skin look so good, and what am I using. Although she’s talking to me over the internet, 7000 miles away. But however it looks, it definitely feels great.

The amount you need to use, makes it such a great choice, 2cm is really more than you need in my opinion. A pea sized blob does the job fine. It’s a thick cream, so you do get a great deal of creamy, foamy lather. I love the stuff, and I will definitely repurchase this, even at the full price, when I run out.

Most of the time now, I don’t wear foundation, primer, powder, or anything that would cover up my skin. Just blusher and highlighter. I don’t believe there’s any flaws or any need to wear it. I’m not an Instagram make up girl, but my skin looks and feels just fine, without foundation and powders.

So if you’ve been in the fence about this gaming cleanser, for fear of dryness or tightness, I say go for it!

Happy 4th of July!


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