Skulls Stamped Manicure 

In my last blog posts I shared an ugly watermarble! I am often told there’s no such thing as an ugly watermarble.

Oh you poor deluded creature, yes, there is. I do them frequently. So here is the ugly watermarble of which we speak.

As I’ve said – I like the colours, but tried to get a bit snazzy with the pattern, and it wasn’t entirely successful.

But, like vintage furniture, or things you get off Craigslist – an ugly manicure can be changed completely with a little work, and more paint.

The very worst watermarble can be transformed into a very nice manicure by stamping on top of it. And as this is a colorful watermarble, I chose black to stamp with, and I wanted the images to be colorful, which meant choosing a stamping image that was standing proud on the plate rather than etched into it. I don’t know the correct terminology. Basically, the skulls stand up, and the black stamping polish pools around it somewhat, so you get colourful skulls.

This is stamped with Moonflower Noche Black Stamping Polish, using Sugar Bubbles Plate 036. I like it.

And. As it’s Sunday, you know, the themes and challenges are today. This will last me two days at the most. However, I’m heading out of town on Monday night, or Tuesday morning, so I may not get the chance to change them, and might have to do them tonight, depending on what is chosen in the new themes today.
If it’s something I love, I’ll be keen to change. If it’s something I hate, then I’ll leave this on till Friday when we get back.
Yes, another fishing and camping adventure, this time in Valdez. The Pink Salmon are running. We don’t really eat them, but catch and release is fun too. Sometimes, you Have to eat one, because he can’t be thrown back. Like if his mouth is too damaged from getting the hook out, it’s more humane to just kill him and eat him. Even though he will be dead in a month anyway. They spawn and die. That’s their life.

Have a great Sunday readers!


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